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First Class Delta Passenger Is Arrested By FBI ‘after Being Abusive’

Morgan mentioned that he is homophobic and that it is possible he might have been intimidating to the flight attendants. Morgan now faces as much as 20 years in prison on felony prices of interference with flight crew members or attendants. The flight attendants had been so disturbed by what they had witnessed, one stood guarding the door to the flight deck for the remainder of the flight ‘out of safety issues for the flight crew, after H.D. Passenger R.O. reported that he heard Morgan name H.D. Once airborne, Morgan ordered an alcoholic drink but was instructed he could only have comfortable drinks which angered him additional. When passenger R.O., who was sitting in seat 2G, stated one thing to Morgan to deescalate Morgan’s show of aggression, Morgan turned indignant with the passenger R.O. The incident left the plane’s crew so fearful of Morgan’s erratic habits that they guarded the cockpit all through the flight. Most persons don’t even care, they make use of the features they demand and not one of the others.

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